My Sephora Wish List

This is my Sephora wish list of things that I would buy from Sephora. I know I just did an anti-haul on things that I wouldn’t buy. These are the products that I would buy.

Tarte- Clay Pot Waterproof Liner- $21. I would get them in the rose gold and the cooper one. Both are the only shimmer liners in this line right now. I have seen people use these liners as cream eyeshadows. I would think that they would replace the cream eyeshadow pots that they had.

Sephora Collection- Holy Sheet! Set- $48. I’m on a huge sheet mask kick right now. I would love to try these. I would totally use these.

*Tarte Clay Stick Foundation-$39. I’m on the fence about this product. I’m not sure if I would buy it or not. Only comes in twelve shades right now. Come on Tarte get more shades!*

*Customize IT! Your Skin But Better CC Cream Kit- $39. Another product I’m on the fence about. Every time I try to order this it on the Sephora website it overcharges me. This will probably be a product I get in store.*

UD- Chill Makeup Setting Spray- $31. I would love to see if this works. This is supposed to be a hydrating setting spray. I need that in my combo skin tone. Even now when it’s hot and huminity. Those days in Texas are about to come to me very soon. This spray would be helpful. I love setting sprays in general.

Laura Mercier- Translucent Loose Setting Powder- $23(for the small one), $38. I have heard some many great things about this loose powder that it’s on the list of things I would love to try. I know that they just put out the deeper skin tone for darker skin tones. I’m glad to see that.

Kat Von D- Lip Glosses, Lip Sticks, Lipliners- Really anything in the lip department I would love to try from Kat Von D. I have heard some really great things.

Origins- Clear Improvement- Charcoal Face Mask- $17 (travel size), $26 for the bigger tube. I love this mask.

Origins- Clear Improvement Charcoal Cleansing Powder- $30. I love this because you can use it with any of your face cleaners and makes your skin feel amazing.

Origins Zero Oil Pore Purify Toner- $22. I’m starting to love all the samples that I got from Origins. So the last few items are Origins because I have tried them in samples and fall in love with them. I got two samples of this toner and it worked amazingly.




Dunkin Donuts is Coming out with a New Flavor Frozen Drink

Yes, DD is trying to beat Starbucks in the market. I already love their DD Iced Coffee drinks. I just wish they would come out with new flavors too. Hazelnut or Mocha Coconut flavors in them. Step up your game if you want to beat Starbucks.

DD is coming out a new flavor in their new frozen drink. They are coming up with S’mores that are already a huge hit at Starbucks. Come on DD! You need to not copy Starbucks. I know that your drinks are great! You just need to come up with new flavors that Starbucks doesn’t have. Which you do have in your package drinks.  You are beating Starbucks in the creamier department. Starbucks doesn’t have any creamier in their name. DD partnership with International Delights is the smartest thing that they have going for them. Now you just have up their game in the store bought a coffee game. I would love to see an energy drink that Starbucks has but with more flavors.



Anti- Haul

I love watching these videos on Youtube. Seems everyone is doing them. Jamsbeauty and Eleventhgorgories are the recent videos that I have seen. I feel that there’s a lot of products out there that companies come out. But sometimes the price is what concerns me in regard to them.

Becca & Chrissy T- Limited Edition- Highlighter and Blush Face Palette- $46. I just don’t see the appeal of this palette. It’s a special limited edition. But Jacklyn Hill was too. I didn’t get that one. I just didn’t see myself spending that much on a face palette when the colors are colors that I probably already have in my collection.

Natasha Deonona- Sunset Eyeshadow Palette- $129. Sorry, but I don’t have that money to spend on a just item. I find that the colors wouldn’t go well with my skin tone.  Really anything from Natasha Deonona is probably not a brand that I would spend money on. She even has two other palettes that cost $169-$239. Sorry, but I have a lot of colors that are in her collections that I don’t see myself spending that much.

Sunday Riley- Power Trio Limited- $225. It’s a skin care trio that you can probably find it in a cheaper version. I just don’t see myself spending that much on skincare.

UD- Jean-Michel Basquiat Collection- $39. Nope. The colors are just yuk.

PMD- Kiss Lip Plumping System- $139. I’m sorry. This system is supposed to plump your lips. Nope! I would probably spend more money on a white teeth system before I even buy this. Plus Lush and drugstores have the lip plumping lip glosses out there to help with that.

Viseart- Eyeshadow palettes- $80. Nope! I have seen a lot of videos that there are a lot of dupes for them. I just don’t see myself giving that much money on eyeshadows. Not even UD palettes will I do that.

Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation- $64. I just don’t see spending that much money on a foundation. When drugstores foundations are just as good.

ghd- Platinum Professional Styler Topic- $249. Nope! I will never spend that much on a curling iron.

NuFace- Trinity Define Your Beauty Collection- $325. Supposed to firms your face. But this person will not be spending that much for a face product.

Dyson- Supersonic Hair Dryer- $399. I’m sure it’s amazing. It’s a Dyson. Not for my hair will I ever spend that much on my hair product!


That’s all I have for now.




Small Haul

I recently stopped at my Wal-Mart and TJ Maxx/Marshalls. I picked up a few things. Here is what I picked up:

L’Oreal Magic Skin Beautilifier BB Cream- in Fair. I have heard some good things about this BB Cream. Just by opening the product and swatching it, this product comes out very white/ clear but transforms to the skin. I really can’t wait! The only downside is that it doesn’t have SPF in it. I’m little disappointed in that. I think if it’s going to be a BB/ CC cream that it should have a little SPF.

*BzzAgent has me doing a review of the new Total Coverage foundation, concealer palette, and sponge. Look out for that!*

Hard Candy- Sheer Envy Hydrating Primer Mist- I actually sprayed this on my back of my hand. Wow! Water downed coconut. I could smell the coconut in it. But it left a little sticky. I’m not sure about it.?.

Wet n wild- Fan brush- I’ve been looking for it. I’m happy to have it.

From TJ Maxx, I picked up two clear organizers for my makeup. Very happy!

From Marshalls:

New blue/green clear plastic cups. I’m on the hunt to get let go of all the plastic cups that I get from Mighty Fine or Rudy’s BBQ. No more of those cups!

Rose water spray- I hate the spray on it. The product is fine. It’s the store brand. I have heard that they have a Coconut water and coconut rose water. I’m not sure about it. I’m on a coconut water kick.

A makeup brush- oral –Looks like a hairbrush makeup brush. Have two of them!


That’s all I have for now.






Makeup Brushes Review

No one paid me to do this review. This is more of a guide to what I think people should know before spending a lot of money on makeup brushes. I think makeup brushes are worth it but look for the deals when you can. I love bargain shopping for them. Places like TJ Maxx, Marshalls, and Ross are very good examples of places that I hit to find some high-end products (Yes, they do have high-end products). *

I love bargain shopping for them. Places like TJ Maxx, Marshalls, and Ross are very good examples of places that I hit to find some high-end products (Yes, they do have high-end products). *, BE SURE check the product before you buy it when you buy it. That’s the one thing I do when I shop there. I don’t want to buy something that someone put their lips on.* But I did find a lot of Laura Gellar, Too Faced, Mac Cosmetics, and Smashbox palettes or kits the other day when I was there. I was unaware of high-end products that would be there. They have a huge makeup brush selection there.

Anyway, makeup brushes are the one thing that I do love having. Depending on the brand. You are still getting the same look. I love using drugstore brands like Elf, Wet n Wild, and Eco Tools brushes. But I know that there’s a lot more brands now of days. Don’t pass them just because they are drugstores. Eco Tools (is a huge eco-friendly brand), they also have a partnership with actress Alicia Silverstone (Clueless). Elf and Wet n Wild are probably the best drugstore brushes that I have tested out. So don’t judge because they are from the drugstore.

High-end brands- I do have some Sigma brushes. I got a lot of them on eBay or places like that. You can spend half the price what’s on the Sigma website. Check out eBay if you are looking for high-end products too. You just have to be aware of the shipping costs that you will have pay. *Be sure to on the click the Free Shipping button.You’ll get that item that you are looking for free shipping. I don’t like paying for shipping. But the cost of the product may be a bit higher when that happens. *

Another tip: Be sure when you bring any makeup brushes home from the store or if it was shipped to you. *Clean them before using them!!* They are not going to be cleaned. If you use them from the straight out they may do something to your skin. Our skin can react to anything. This is one thing that I do whenever I buy new makeup brushes. Plus someone might have tested it out at stores. We all have different skin reactions. I have a post about cleaning them. Check it out!

That’s all I have for right now. If you have any questions let me know. Good luck! Have a great Memorial Day and Weekend.




New Products Coming Out Of Ulta Beauty

No one paid me to do this. I just love letting people know what’s coming up that’s new to Ulta Beauty. I’m not getting by Ulta Beauty (I wish!). This is just me being myself. These are prices that are $0-$20. I can’t afford a lot of high-end products.


Almay-Mega Volume Mascara– $7.49. Comes in three shades blackest black, black, and brown. Also available in waterproof too.

Revlon Mega Multiplier Mascara– $8.99. Comes in four shades blackest black, black, brown, and plum brown. I already reported on this product. It’s now available in stores. I saw it at Walgreens.

Almay- Instant Glow Highlighter Duo– $11.99. Comes in two color shades nude glow and soft glow. Almay is getting on board with the liquid highlighter that’s been on trend for the last few months.

L’Oreal- Voluminous Lash Paradise Mascara– $9.99. Comes in three shades blackest black, black, and black brown. Also available in waterproof in blackest black and black. Let’s be real. The packaging is so cute!

Essence- Eye Love Essentials Kit-$8.99. Kit includes Dip Liquid eyeliner, eyeliner pen, and lash princess false lash effect mascara. I’m in love with this idea. I’m not sure what to get of Essence. Kits are amazing for that.

Catrice- Color Correct & Perfect Trio Pack– $12.99. This pack includes a green, a yellow, and a pink corrector.

Benefit- High Beam– $12.00. Yes, you can buy travel size products of high-end. This is one of my favorite liquid highlighters.

Tartan + Twine- Pencil case. $12.00. I’m always looking for cute things to use for luggage. This is one. It comes in a Coral Palm and a Blue one.

Pattern- Pencil Case- $12.00. Also, very cute pencil case to carry makeup brushes. Available in Petal Stripes, Leafee, and Miss Georgia.

And of course, Mac Cosmetics are available on the Ulta Beauty website. You can start to get them in June in your local stores.

CoverGirl- Vitalist Healthy Elixir Foundation– $11.99. I already reported about this foundation. It’s now available.

Laura Gellar- Spackle Mist- Travel Size– $15.









Dunkin Donuts Frozen Coffee Review

No one paid me to do this review. I was at the free frozen coffee event that they were giving out today from 10am-2pm. They were giving out just vanilla. I thought it was okay. The person serving me was the nicest. Great job DD!

I do have to say that the person serving me says that if you like the Coolatta than you’ll love the new frozen coffee. I have to agree with that. They were only giving out 3.2 oz little samples out. I tested it out. I wanted a mocha one. So I ordered one. I’m so glad I did. What a great drink.

I know a lot of us that were huge fans of the Coolatta were sad that DD was getting the sack. But really it’s the same drink. I couldn’t really taste the difference. I’m just hooked on this drink too. Great job DD.

The person serving me said that you can get any flavor like what the Coolatta offered. I think I did what flavor shot and swirl that you can get with this new drink a few months ago. Flavor shots: french vanilla, hazelnut, caramel, toasted almond, blueberry, raspberry, and coconut. Flavor swirls caramel, french vanilla, hazelnut, and mocha.

I’m just impressed with this one drink. Way to go DD!